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The Cat’s Meow is 50% a book blog and 50% a personal blog, with a new post published every week.  

I review literary, historical, mainstream, and YA fiction, and participate in Barrie Summy’s monthly Book Review Club. In addition to blogging about all things bookish, I write about the things that make me happy and excited, things that make me think, and the ways I try to puzzle out my own life.  I love how blogging gives me an opportunity to share my life with others and to learn from others on their blogs.

I’m Stacy.  I’m a thirty-something woman who is an aspiring YA writer.  In my day job, I work for a medical journal, but I would love to be a full-time writer.  I live in Michigan in the Metro Detroit area. I love my home state, and I appreciate it more the older I get.

I’m married, and sometimes I refer to my husband, Jon, as Opera Boy on my blog as that was his blog nickname back when we first started dating. I also have two stepdaughters, who will soon turn 13 and 15.  I try not to use their names or photos here in order to protect their privacy, but sometimes I cannot resist quoting them as they are far wittier than I ever was at their ages.  We have a cat, a lynx-point Siamese, named Tim Gunn and a Saint Bernard named Columbo.

I am a Christian, a Democrat, and a feminist.  My interests include reading, writing, cooking, travel, faith, and social justice, and all of these are reflected in the blog in some way.  The interests that I don’t typically blog about include my fitness class addiction, my love of classic movies, and fashion.

I am also a nonfiction editor at an online literary journal called Halfway Down the Stairs.

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Welcome to my blog!  I love being part of the blogging community, so please comment and share a link to your own blog, if you have one.